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Zerorez’s number one goal is to improve customers’ homes. At Zerorez ,we do whatever we can so that indoor spaces are more comfortable, cleaner and healthier. Our green, innovative Empowered Water™ cleaner, patented cleaning system, and trained professionals at Zerorez deep clean carpets, furniture, and upholstery with no damage or residue.


Traditional carpet and rug cleaning methods use a harsh, damaging cleaner loaded with soaps, detergents and shampoos. Delicate fibers are flooded with this harmful blend. When it is removed, it is common for some of it to still remain in the carpet. This results in a soap residue that acts as magnet for even more dirt and grime to stick to the carpet or rug. Zerorez has created a soap-free, impressive water-based cleaner that is capable of getting carpets completely spotless with zero residue. No residue means your carpets stay cleaner for several months longer.

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Zerorez uses innovative Empowered Water™ technology, a green and safe cleaner that removes any soil attached to carpet or rug fibers. Our patented extraction wand at Zerorez removes excess dirt until your carpet or rug is perfected. The Zerorez method of cleaning is carefully controlled, so excess water is not used. In return, the carpet dries significantly faster versus drying time with conventional cleaning methods.


Carpets with soiled spots will become stainless again with Zerorez’s cleaning system. Spots usually reappear after conventional cleaning methods because their harmful solutions seep down into the base of the carpet. When this happens, the stains in the padding of the carpet eventually rise up to the carpet’s fibers, where they become visible again. Zerorez carefully uses our Empowered Water™ cleaner to reach the root of the carpet’s fibers, without soaking the carpet’s base. What is left is bright and clean carpet from the root to tip. The base is kept intact so your carpet stays beautiful longer.


At Zerorez, we understand that furniture is a part of everyday life in a customer’s home, and some hold sentimental value. Upholstery can become worn down after a while, and can look dull and lifeless. At Zerorez, we want to revive your furniture so that you can enjoy it again. Whether it’s your elegant couches, plush seats or decorative pillows, let us restore it to its excellent quality. Traditional cleaning methods are too harsh and over-wet the fibers. This risks ruining the furniture irreversibly.

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Perfumes and detergents only mask odors and do not eliminate harmful microbes. To clear any harmful microbes and offensive odors, Zerorez uses Empowered Water™. Empowered Water™ by Zerorez is our non-toxic cleaning agent that gets surfaces flawless. This innovative cleaning spray dives deep into the upholstery surface to lift any harmful odor substances and microbes. Our extraction wand draws up any last dirt and bacteria so that furniture cleaned by Zerorez experts is healthier than ever.


Zerorez's technicians are trained to clean and polish delicate rugs. At Zerorez, we use special, professional equipment to deep clean your rug in your home. To get an even deeper clean, we may take it to our Zerorez shop to treat it specially. We respect your belongings like they are our own, so we never use harsh products or methods. The color is restored beautifully and quality enhanced, unlike poor, traditional cleaning methods that bleed the color and damage the fiber.


No matter how long stubborn dirt has been stuck in your rug or carpet, our patented cleaning system at Zerorez is designed to get every last piece of it out with zero residue. Zerorez is passionate about making your home better. Let us exceed your expectations with our highest rated cleaning system. Once Zerorez cleans your carpet, furniture, rugs and upholstery you will see why we hold the highest rating for our cleaning services.


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